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Elementary Construction

By Staff | Jun 28, 2008

The new elementary addition blends well with the existing Demoney building. EDN photos by Michael Tidemann

Rapid and major progress has been made on completion of Demoney Elementary, the first school building scheduled to be turned over to the Estherville Lincoln School District in two weeks.

The west end of the round rotunda will have seven new rooms while the east side of the rotunda will remain essentially the same, according to Steve Christensen of Christensen Construction Co. of Estherville, the project contractor.

To the west, the new addition stretches 200 feet long and 80 feet wide.

Christensen said crews had completed framing, sheetrock and painting in the remodeled area. In the new addition, most of the work except for flooring and ceilings is completed.

Despite rain delays early in the project and considerable rain again this spring, it appears as though the Demoney phase will be on schedule.

Jesse Nitchals of Burrell Painting rolls paint on an interior wall of the remodeled Demoney building.

“That’s the goal, to turn it over to the school in two weeks,” Christensen said.

“We’ll be handing the building over to the school in two weeks,” agreed Brian DeVries, engineer Christensen Construction engineer.

Christensen said a separate crew has been installing roof decking on the middle school and that the block walls of the gymnasium area are nearly completed.

The former Maniece building which housed high-school and Head Start classes and Estherville Daycare is being demolished to make way for completion of the new middle school which will take up half of the footprint of the Maniece building in addition to the area already completed. The precast walls have been erected in addition to many of the interior walls and the gymnasium floor and floor decking.

Elementary Principal Kris Schlievert said she had toured the new Demoney addition Thursday and was impressed with the progress.

Brian DeVries of Christensen Construction said the Demoney building should be ready to turn over to Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District in two weeks.

“It’s amazing how much it changes every time I go,” Schlievert said.

Her job will be greatly simplified by narrowing the sites she has to visit from four to two.

“That will be awesome for me and I’ll be able to do a better job,” Schlievert said. She will still go to Roosevelt to visit the third-grade classes. “Just the communication will be so much better,” Schlievert said.

Schlievert said the office area was also being remodeled.

“We’re excited,” Schlievert said. “It’s fun to see how fast it changes.”

The new Demoney addition, 80 feet wide by 200 feet long, stairsteps to the southwest.

On a side note, Schlievert said the Parent and Teacher committee will be selling bricks from the muraled walls of Maniece building as a fundraiser.

For further information on buying a brick, call 362-2181.