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Iowa Lakes grant announced

By Staff | Jul 1, 2008

Washington, D.C. – Iowa Congressman Tom Latham and Sen. Tom Harkin Monday announced that Iowa Lakes Community College has been selected to receive a U.S. Department of Education grant in the amount of $238,775 to support the College’s Sustainable Energy Education Program.

According to Jolene Rogers, Iowa Lakes Community College grants coordinator, the money will be used for equipment for the college wind energy and renewable fuels technology programs.

“The Sustainable Energy Education Program at Iowa Lakes Community College is one of the stars in Iowa’s educational system,” said Congressman Latham. “As Iowa continues to lead the nation in the energy revolution, programs like this will continue to be the engine that drives Iowa’s national leadership.”

In a letter sent to Congressman Latham, the Department of Education said, “This project addresses the national need for sustainable energy technicians. [The funds] will be used to purchase equipment and educational materials to integrate industry-based core competencies into the Sustainable Energy Education program’s curricula (Wind Energy and Turbine Technology and Biomass Energy Processing). Faculty will collaborate with industry representatives to develop integrated, hands-on curriculum through program Advisory Committees. The enhanced laboratory components will be developed during the summer of 2008 and piloted fall 2008. The additional laboratory simulations and curriculum revisions will further enhance the educational experience for students planning to transition directly into the workplace. Curricula will be shared with other institutions of higher education upon request.”

Rogers said the equipment for the programs will be purchased this summer with an eye toward making it operational by fall.