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Down on the docks

By Staff | Jul 5, 2008

As of July 1, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources required all owners of docks on state water to have permits.

Rich Jordet, District Law Enforcement supervisor for the DNR, said the requirement is due to the congestion of docks and hoists on the lakes.

It is also required that all docks have signs that post the 911 address, including the street and city, as well as the permit number. The lettering on the signs must be at least one-inch high in a color contrasting with the background, on the water end of the dock.

There are four separate classes of permits. Class I and III are residential permits. Class I is for standard docks of a maximum of 100 feet long and up to two hoists. It does not authorize any anchored or floating structures such as mooring buoys or swim rafts.

Class III is for docks that extend past 100 feet with a maximum number of hoists being one for every 10 feet of shoreline.

A Class II permit is for city and counties that own or control shoreline property. These docks and hoists that extend from public land onto one body of water body.

A Class IV permit is for residential docks, such as restaurants that have dock access and marinas.

The DNR will be patrolling the lakes this weekend to make sure docks have been registered.

The permits can be downloaded from the Iowa DNR’s website, www.iowadnr.gov, or by stopping by the Fish Hatchery in Spirit Lake. Each permit will be good for five years.