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ELC grad to exhibit

By Staff | Jul 5, 2008

Jordan Jensen’s photographs will be exhibited at a New York City art fair July 10 through Aug. 1. She has traveled extensively throughout the world gathering subject matter for her work. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

In just eight years after graduating from Estherville Lincoln Central, Jordan Jensen’s photography is finding a home at The World’s Smallest Art Fair, an international art fair in New York City, July 10 through Aug. 1.

Jordan is one of eight artists from the IAO Projects gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah, to be selected for the art fair that includes artists from such venues at Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Holland and the United States. Her subjects include her works The Duomo, a cathedral dome in Florence, Italy, The Grand Canal in Venice, and Cinque Terre, five port towns on the Italian coast.

She will also be exhibiting at another international art show in Miami, Fla., in December.

A 2000 ELC graduate, Jensen, daughter of Bob and Lili Jensen of Estherville, received her degree in art education from Minnesota State University at Mankato before continuing her studies in photography and multimedia at Santa Reperata in Florence, Italy. She has traveled extensively worldwide to such locations as Peru, Cambodia, Singapore, and Hawaii, taking digital photographs. She then selects photos which she prints then does Polaroid photographic transfers. The result is an antique, photogravure-appearing image. Many of the subjects that she has photographed in Venice and other locations lend themselves exceedingly well to the process.

Jensen teaches art in grades 4-6 at Forbes Elementary in American Fork, Utah. She attributes her initial inspiration to do art to Bill Elling, her art teacher at ELC. “He’s like the main reason why I stuck with art,” Jensen said.

After that, it was Dr. Gina Wenger at Mankato who convinced her that she could make a career of her art.

Yet another talent that Jensen has is in dealing with troubled youth.

Summers she has worked for Wilderness Therapy based in Duchesne, Utah, working with boys from 13-17 discover themselves and how to help others by teaching them wilderness survival. Through Wilderness Therapy, youth learn how to build fires and their own shelters.

They will be in the woods for six to 22 weeks, with a goal of learning how to coexist in a society which helps them learn how to get along with others.

Jensen has also led trips for AAVE in Golden, Colo, for youth ages 14-15 in Hawaii.

To see Jensen’s art exhibited in New York, go to www.artcal.net/event/view/1/7477.