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Armstrong plans for July 19 pool opening

By Staff | Jul 9, 2008

ARMSTRONG – The Armstrong City Council Monday night, responding to a populace chomping at the bit for a new pool, scurried to make good on plans for a July 19 opening.

Underlining the urgency to open the pool is the fact that after Fourth of July weekend fundraisers, the Armstrong Aquatic Center Committee has raised a total to date of $296,000, making good on its promise to raise $300,000 for the pool.

Denny Mathiason, who has volunteered to ramrod remodeling of the bathhouse, said countertops were scheduled to be installed Tuesday and that most fixtures have arrived. Mathiason said walls needed to be painted before plumbing cold be installed and that there needed to be a plan to help direct volunteers for a work day on Saturday.

With a tentative opening of July 19, the council decided to charge $15 for students, $25 for adults, and $35 for families and $5 for swimming lessons.

Angela Hannigan, pool manager, who is currently helping with painting at the pool, asked for a firm date when lifeguards could start duty. She said some have found other jobs for the summer. That was when Dailey said July 19 was set as a tentative opening date.

In another pool-related matter, the council approved pay estimate no. 9 to pool contractors Grundman-Hicks for $89,148.

In other business, the council asked City Attorney Kevin Sander to proceed on transferring an abandoned property at 706 First Ave. to the city.

The council also decided to ask Valley Vue nursing home to make a specific proposal regarding building over the storm sewer at the facility.

Police Chief Craig Merrill said no parking signs had arrived for placement by the east side of the school so people don’t park by the weight room.

In his June police report, Merrill noted one citation for trespassing, one harassment, one speeding, and two public intoxication. There were two complaints each for theft and burglary, one assistance of a motorist, 16 traffic warnings, one accident investigation, and two ambulance responses.

The council approved a beer license application and Sunday sales for Hi-Way Grocery and cigarette permits for Kum & Go and Hi-Way Grocery.

The council approved a 28E agreement with Armstrong-Ringsted Community School District to share a director of maintenance position. Under the arrangement, the city would pay 20 percent of the position at a reimbursable cost of $9,699.70. In return, the school district would receive the equivalent of state aid for five students.