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By Staff | Jul 11, 2008

Above are two Navy uniforms. The left is from WWII and the right from WWI. EDN photos by Samantha Heerdt

Have you ever seen a World War II German military field telephone? How about a Civil War musket with a bayonet?

These military items, plus many more, are on display at the H.G. Albee Museum in Estherville. They will be one of the Emmet County Historical Society’s features at the Emmet County Fair. David Kaltved, president of the society, has arranged the display.

The uniform of L.P. Stillman of Dolliver is on display. Stillman wore the uniform in 1898 during the Spanish American War. Stillman was a member of the 52 Regiment of Company K.

A collection of photos from the Spanish American War, including one of Stillman wearing his uniform, is also on display.

One of the more interesting displays came from Victor Amoroso Sr. During WWII, Amoroso guarded President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He has donated three of his uniforms, including his Ike jacket, which is a shortened coat designed by President Eisenhower.

In the Ivadell Ross Memorial Display Building is the Gail Anderson Display Room. Anderson, of Omaha, Neb., has donated countless items to the museum. He was in the Civil Air Patrol, and a flight instructor and charter pilot.

In his display room is his WWII flight helmet with an imbedded radio headset, flight goggles, pilot manuals, a U.S. Air Corps navigator radio and various aircraft instruments such as air and oxygen pressure gauges. Anderson also donated his son Ronald’s Army uniform. Ronald died during active duty in an Army vehicle accident stateside.

The military display has not forgotten the women who served in the military. Evalyn Anderson’s WWII Marine Corp uniform is on display. Also shown is Joan Lodden’s U.S. Army Reserve uniform. Lodden was a lieutenant in the Nurse Corps and worked at the Seattle Naval Hospital during the 1940s.

For the firearm fanatic, the museum has civil war muskets, including a 1847 Harper’s Ferry with bayonet and a 1848 Springfield.

When visiting the museum, look closely in the cabinets within the display to find rare items such as currency that predates the Civil War, a soldier’s handbook of the rifle from 1917 and a WWI gas mask.