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Outshining the competition

By Staff | Jul 24, 2008

Kicking up heels with precision and putting an extra gloss on the polished routines are what top competing dancers at L’ecole la Danse Studio in Estherville do to outshine performers from other studios.

That’s exactly what happened when a select group of dancers, under the direction of Denise Patin and her daughter, Danie Patin Juhl, competed in Dance America Regional 2007-08. The competition lasted two days. Dancers were also given the opportunity to attend two days of dance classes.

“I am very proud of all of my dance students,” Denise said. “Only about 10-15 percent of them choose to compete which is a way for us to measure the overall quality of our program.”

Hannah Gabbard’s tap performance to “Do Your Thing” received the judge’s Choice Award for best footwork in a tap routine. She was also awarded the platinum medal. Her clog solo received a gold medal. She performed to “Getcha’ Head in the Game.”

The jazz solo by Laura Fandel to “Teach Me How to Shimmy” netted the dancer a gold medal.

Paige Evans’ clog solo to “Irish Mist” received a gold medal. She also received the best costume award.

The tap solo performed by Morgan White to “Yankee Doodle’ received a gold medal also.

“Shake,” a clog solo performed by Kayla Evans also received a gold medal.

Another gold medal was present to tap dancers including: Cheyenne Dallmann, Katie Hoffman, Lauren Newgard, Erin Poeppe and Morgan White in their routine to “Ahoy.”

“Glamorous” was the selected song for another gold medal winning group including Hannah Creech, Morgan White, Erin Poeppe, Lauren Newgard, Katie Hoffman and Cheyenne Dallmann.

Gold Medals were also secured by Graye Farnum, Catie Creech and Callie Hoffman who presented a clog routine to “Shake Your Groove Thing.”

Many of the girls had the opportunity to study with professional dancers, of which one is a former member of Tap Dogs. One was featured on “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Another teacher has appeared in almost every one of Michael Jackson’s videos and is considered to be one of America’s best jazz teachers.

The studio is looking ahead to fall registration slated for Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 6-7. For more information, call the studio at 712-362-2062.