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Finance committee OKS grader trade for two-way plow

By Staff | Aug 7, 2008

Even in the heat of the summer, one municipal committee is already thinking ahead to that time of piled-up snowflakes.

The finance committee of the Estherville City Council met on July 31 with Maurice Show, chairman of the Estherville Airport Commission who said the transmission on the airport grader failed and the repairs are not a viable option. Once it broke down last winter, the city’s back-up unit No. 56 plowed the snow at the airport. It was noted all snowplows owned by the city are stationary and only push snow off to the right side.

Show told the board a two-way plow would be more effective in clearing off the runway and around the airport properties.

It was noted Erickson Trucking of Jackson has a two-way plow and proposed $3,000 for the two-way plow plus labor and materials to mount the plow. Erickson Trucking has offered an amount of $3,000 for the airport grader. A decision was needed if the plow would be mounted on unit No. 56.

The finance committee learned a new truck, dump body and snowplow were recently ordered by city staff. It was decided unit No. 56 will become excess equipment when the new unit is received. It was noted this unit is a 1984 Chevrolet with a broken leaf spring, excessive oil use and replaced floorboards has a maximum estimated value of $1,500.

By unanimous approval, the finance committee approved the motion to trade the airport grader for a two-way plow with Erickson Trucking. The group approved in concept the transfer of unit No. 56 to the airport and the unappropriated expenditure for the cost of parts and labor to mount the plow.

In other matters, the committee paid the July bills.