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Reduce energy use, save money and get greener!

By Staff | Aug 7, 2008

The latest edition of eco@home is available for consumer perusal and is filled with tips and ideas on how to save money, reduce energy and get greener!

Copies at no charge are available for pickup at Estherville City Offices and the Estherville Public Library.

In this edition are suggestions on:

n Preventing Pests – Naturally.

n Green Your Garage.

n Ready for a Rain Barrel.

n Window Shopping.

n Get Water Wise.

n Monitor Your Energy Use.

n Stay Cool All Summer.

n Supporting Community Agriculture.

n Ways to Improve Fuel Economy.

n Local Produce Picks.

n Beat the Heat.

One of the several articles to pique curiosity was the one on Monitor Your Energy Use.

There are few tools on the market which actually gauge energy usage. The two gadgets, Kill a Watt and Power Cost Monitor, are featured. The first gives pertinent readouts so the user can keep better track of which appliance or electronic item uses the most energy.

The latter tracks how your living space is using electricity in real time. The user can actually watch how energy-efficient improvements make a difference with the easy-to-install digital monitor.

Costs and website information for both items are contained in the article.

One page 3 article on how to create a rain barrel caught my attention. There’s no reason we cannot all collect the moisture falling from the sky and use this gathered rain to water plants and flowers around the home.

Remember, the booklet is free of charge and available during normal office and library hours. For more information, call city offices at 362-7771.