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ELC has above average ACT scores

By Staff | Aug 15, 2008

School pride is showing at Estherville Lincoln Central High School because 46 seniors in the 2008 graduating class averaged or surpassed 22.6 on ACT scores, higher than Iowa’s composite score.

But a double celebration is in order because the state of Iowa grabbed the number two spot in the nation with an average composite score of 22.4.

High School Principal Frank Christenson said ELC’s composite score is based on the ACT testing scores of graduating seniors and mostly the highly motivated ones.

“These scores reflect the current expectations of our staff and students and we are going to attempt to continue to improve from here,” he said.

The high school administration and staff will encourage students to take more than the minimum number of classes in academic areas needed for graduation requirements in an effort to bolster not only their ACT test scores but their future endeavors.

A couple of other vital comparisons show the difference with students who studied more than “core” subjects in each academic area. Fore example, ELC students who took algebra I and algebra II as well as geometry and advanced math averaged 26.0 versus 21.9 for others in the state under the math heading.

It only got better for those students who completed calculus studies as they averaged 29.0 versus 26.0 for others in the state.

“An area that we scored below the rest of the state in math is with those students who only took the minimum of three years of math.”

In the science area, students who completed physical science, biology, chemistry and physics scored 24.2 in science versus 23.7 for those elsewhere in the state.

“As you can see, it improves the scores,” Christenson said of those students who went above and beyond the minimum course requirements.

The principal credited the staff for preparing students. “We will continue to work on all areas and I would foresee that the high school will probably focus on the area of reading this year in its professional development goals.”