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Local Republicans share views of Palin

By Staff | Sep 2, 2008

While the name Sarah Palin isn’t a household word – just yet – area Republicans were willing to share their views about John McCain’s running mate whom he named last Friday.

“I haven’t had any time to observe anything about her,” said Connie Alvarez of Estherville who noted that he favored Palin’s stand on the Second Amendment, a topic near and dear to him since he’s a gun dealer and hunter safety instructor. Alvarez also praised Palin’s right-to-life position.

“We need a little conservatism to offset McCain,” Alvarez said. “I like the fact that we have a senator and a governor on the ticket.”

Alvarez also addressed a question on whether McCain’s pick could indicate his future energy policy if elected president.

“It doesn’t hurt her coming from one of the biggest oil states in the Union,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez also discounted the theory held by some that McCain’s choice of Palin could be a way of picking up disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters.

“She’s somewhat on the opposite end of the political spectrum than Hillary Clinton,” Alvarez said.

On the other hand, Alvarez saw a politicized message in Barack Obama’s choice of Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his running mate.

“If anybody’s old Washington, he is.”

Alvarez said he could also see why McCain chose Friday to make his announcement about Palin.

“I think it’s a good idea to pick her now. This way it just puts things to rest,” Alvarez said. “I’m fairly comfortable with her.”

“It should be interesting,” Gene Haukoos, Republican candidate for sheriff, said of the Palin pick. “We’ll see what happens in the next few days.”

“It sounds like we should have her there instead of McCain,” said Randy Beaver, Emmet County supervisor. “She sure seems like a doer.”

Beaver noted that McCain opposed Alaska drilling. “In fact I heard they were going to take it out of the Republican party plank,” he said.

However, as Alaska governor Palin is strongly in favor of Alaska drilling, Beaver observed.

“I’m for whatever it takes for us to be self-sufficient in oil,” Beaver said.

The Republican National Convention starts today in St. Paul, Minn.