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Reduce, reuse, recycle

By Staff | Sep 5, 2008

It piles up quickly and for very several good reasons.

The paper recycling project being sponsored by members of the Estherville Kiwanis has caught the attention of local residents who, since the project was initiated in May, have collected and contributed 232,490 pounds.

In other mathematical terms, that amounts to 116 tons!

“We want to thank all of the schools, businesses and individuals who have contributed their paper products to this recycling project. Not only are we raising money for youth, we are reducing landfill waste. So far, this is 116 tons of paper products that is not going to the landfill and is being regenerated into other useful products,” said Brent Shatto, Kiwanis president.

The 232,490 pounds was transported to Mason City Recycling where it is transformed into several products including insulation.

“Kiwanis has earned $6,096.20 to date from this recycling effort,” Shatto said, noting this money will eventually go back into the community.

“Our members as a whole will determine which local programs will benefit. We have many projects that we are currently involved in and these include scholarships, little league, Boy Scouts, ECHO, among others.”

The paper recycling project is an ongoing project.

Persons wishing to contribute their paper products to lessen the amount of trash going to landfills can take their collection to the semi located on the former Woodland Container lot on Murray Road.