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USDA begins new crop insurance program

By Staff | Sep 5, 2008

The United States Department of Agriculture has a new program for 2008-2012 that replaces the old disaster program. The new whole farm disaster revenue-based federal assistance program is called “SURE.” This is tied to crop insurance coverage on all planted crops on the entire farming operation including corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, oats and pasture that is grazed or hayed.

It is the producer’s responsibility to insure their farms. To take advantage of this program, the producer has to insure all crops on their entire farming operation. To qualify for benefits, a producer must have at least 50 percent loss on their entire farm or if the county is declared a Secretarial Disaster. At the present time, it doesn’t appear that anyone in Emmet County would qualify unless they had a loss on hail or an early frost.

There are three important dates to remember:

n Sept. 16 – purchase insurance for non-insurable crops in 2008.

n Sept. 30 – purchase insurance for alfalfa crops for 2009.

n Dec. 1 – Purchase insurance for non-insurable crops for 2009.

The Crop Insurance Agencies in Emmet County recently held a meeting on the SURE program. For additional information, contact a crop insurance agent or the Farm Service Agency office before Sept. 16.