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Estherville native takes interim city council postion

By Staff | Sep 11, 2008

You might say that accepting an appointment as interim Estherville councilman wasn’t too hard for Dave Seylar – he has Estherville city government in his blood.

Seylar, who replaced Ward III councilman Dick Sidles who resigned after moving from Estherville, had a father, Robert, who served as Estherville chief of police.

“So I’ve been acquainted with the city as a child,” Seylar explained.

A major reason for Seylar’s selection as interim councilman could also be his heavy involvement as a volunteer in city projects. He’s extremely active with the Friends of Fort Defiance and serves on the Excel! Estherville Housing Committee. He owns Dave Brown House Kitchen Inc., a kitchen remodeling and townhouse building contracting company.

Seylar will fill out Sidles’ unexpired term which is up for election November 2009. “I thought it would be a good way to serve on the council without making a three-year commitment,” Seylar said, noting that he will see how the rest of the term goes before he decides whether to run for the seat when it’s open in a little over a year.

Seylar ranks housing as a key issue confronting the city. That’s a natural interest, given his occupation and the fact that he serves on the Excel! Estherville Housing Committee.

Another matter is finding a replacement for Estherville City Administrator Steve Woodley.

“I think our biggest issue is finding a replacement for Steve Woodley,” Seylar said. “That’s why I wanted to join the council at this time. That was my major thing for getting me to join at this time.”

With voters approving the extra penny sales tax Aug. 26, Seylar said Estherville can now upgrade city parks. He said he would like to see the trail system continue from the sports park on South Seventh Avenue as well as downtown beautification.

“These are the things that happen to interest me,” Seylar said.