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Merrill has his own easy rider

By Staff | Sep 12, 2008

Cliff Merrill of Estherville got himself a new set of wheels Thursday, thanks to the handiwork of his friend, Jim Moffit.

Moffitt mounted a 50cc motor on a bike frame and added tandem wheels on the back to make a motorized three-wheel trike. Cliff just has to flip the switch and start pedaling and the motor kicks in.

“Jim was the engineer for this project,” admitted Cliff, 85. “It was my idea. I’ve been dreaming about this for a while. I told Jim about it. He’s about the best mechanic in town for this.”

Merrill says he might take the three-wheeler up to the Butterfield, Minn., threshing bee just to show it off.

“It’s quite different from the other ones I’ve built,” Moffit said. He recently put a DFT kit on a 2007 Honda motorcycle.

“Us kids, you know, we’ve got to have our toys,” Merrill said. “I tell people I’m in my second childhood. I have my trike.”