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Police give out homecoming warnings

By Staff | Sep 17, 2008

Entrants in the Estherville Lincoln Central Homecoming Parade are reminded of the policy banning the throwing of candy and other items from vehicles during the event.

“We want to keep our children away from moving vehicles,” said Estherville Police Chief Eric Milburn. “Their safety is of utmost importance.”

The department will be strictly enforcing this policy Friday afternoon as officers will be on traffic detail.

“We will also be reviewing the videotapes of the parade. Just because you don’t receive citation on the day of the parade doesn’t mean you won’t be cited. Drivers are the responsible party for the occupants in the vehicle in regard to the littering.”

Persons who are observed throwing any item from any vehicle during a parade will be stopped and charged with littering.

Milburn said people may walk with parade entries and throw items from the street curb into the crowd.

“Walkers closest to the curb can hand or toss items, and in fact, please do for the safety of our youth. Just don’t throw it into the street.”

This practice will also encourage the crowd to stay back from the street for maximum child safety.

Milburn said the penalty for littering is a maximum of $100 plus court costs.

Police give out homecoming warnings

By Staff | Sep 17, 2008

“Don’t throw toilet paper without the property owner’s permission, or you will be entering the judicial system.”

This was the stern warning from Estherville Police Chief Eric Milburn Monday, at the start of Homecoming Week for the Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District.

Milburn added the penalty was stiffened because of the alarming incidents which occurred the last two years, in addition to the littering created by toilet paper.

“Those other incidents involved bottle bombs, graffiti and fires,” he explained.

Referencing the Iowa Code, Milburn said while the bottle bombs are not incendiary devices, they are overpressure devices.

The code (Sec. 3, Section 712.6) reads, “Overpressure device means any device constructed of a container or improvised container which is filled with a mixture of chemicals or sublimating materials or gases that generate an expanding gas, which is designed or constructed to cause the container to break, fracture or rupture in a violent manner capable of causing death, serious injury or property damage.”

Milburn added, “These are the types of incidents where ‘fun’ has turned into criminal mischief.”

Over the years, numerous reports of property damage have been reported to police during Homecoming festivities.

“Therefore, we will be treating these instances as criminal acts. Persons who wish to toilet paper their own property may certainly do so. However, if you are going to that, please call the police department prior to your decorating so we don’t respond when the calls are received or the activity is observed by officers on patrol.”

He stressed, “Remember if you are caught launching toilet paper, you will be charged with criminal mischief in the fifth degree, a simple misdemeanor, which carries a $100 fine and court costs.”