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Iowa Lakes approves agreements

By Staff | Sep 18, 2008

The Iowa Lakes Community College Board of Trustees Tuesday approved $244,000 in training agreements affecting 307 new and existing employees in the area.

The funding represents the amount of money for which the college is applying from the Iowa Department of Economic Development. Not all the funding is necessarily awarded, and a portion of funding awards goes toward administrative fees.

Architectural Arts of Des Moines is moving into the building previously occupied by Institutional Equipment which manufactured cabinetry for Winnebago Industries. Architectural Arts is more geared to the commercial sector. Clark Marshall, director of econcomic development, said if Architectural Arts hired 35 former Institutional Equipment employees they would be regarded as new employees by the Iowa Department of Economic Development which administrators the training program. Marshall asked the board to approve the preliminary 260E training agreement.

The other training agreements, or 260F agreements, were for existing employees. They include:

n Cycle Country, formerly of Milford, now Spencer, $18,000. More than 70 employees are affected.

n Medieval Glass, Estherville, new product processing, $25,000.

n Holiday Express, Estherville, $12,000.

n Style Craft Furniture Inc.

n Metalworks of Spencer, $12,000.

n General Machine Works of Spencer, $12,000.

Marshall said the Architectural Arts training agreement, funded through the Iowa New Jobs Training Program, are to be repaid. The remainder of the training agreements for existing jobs are funded through the Iowa Jobs Training Program and are forgivable loans. Both programs are administered through the Iowa Department of Economic Development.