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Congressman King lauds plant

By Staff | Sep 23, 2008

U.S. Rep. Steve King, in dedicating the Green Plains Renewable Energy Superior ethanol plant Saturday, called the 5th Congressional District “the number-one renewable energy producing congressional district in all of America.”

King’s first bill supported the ethanol and biodiesel industry. Since then, Iowa’s 5th Congressional District has grown to the point that it is producing 700 million gallons of ethanol yearly.

King’s national leadership in renewable fuels has placed him on the House Agriculture Committee as well as Small Business and Judiciary.

“This is an important day. This is the day we commemorate an important resource,” said King.

The congressman addressed the controversial issue of the high cost of corn for livestock producers.

“Most of us have worked a lifetime to get more money out of grain,” King said. “The object was to get more dollars per acre. We’ve been successful,” he said, noting that both grain and livestock producers can benefit from the growing ag economy.”

King then turned his comments toward the

GPRE leadership.

“I want to compliment Wayne (Wayne Hoovestol, CEO) and the board of directors for a great business model,” King said.

“Value-added agriculture was the answer for us. This is the region that receives the wealth from adding value to agriculture,” said King.

Calling the 5th Congressional District “the number-one renewable energy-producing congressional district in all of America,” King noted that the 700 million gallons of ethanol produced in the district will soon grow to 1 billion gallons.

King also addressed the food versus fuel debate.

While food went up 4 percent last year and 7 percent this year, fuel rose 17.4 percent and 33 percent during the same periods. Ethanol has actually kept fuel prices down as a result, he said.

“I am going to stand in support of the renewable fuels standard,” King said, a standard that by 2015 calls for 15 billion gallons of ethanol production in the U.S. “Let’s stand on what we can do.”