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What a barn!

By Staff | Sep 23, 2008

Jalen Heintz, the girl in the hay mound, led the way in showing others that a rope and gunnysack make a great swing. Above, Marcia Willey takes her turn on the swing. The discovered fun came during a the barn tour on the farm of Vernon and Vera Origer on Saturday. EDN photo by David Swartz

Some things are built to last.

The barn on the Vernon and Vera Origer farm is 100-plus years old and looks like it could stand for another 100.

The Origers hosted a barn tour on Saturday, drawing in several interested folks.

According to family history, the wood for the barn came from timber in Northern Minnsota. Nicholas Origer and his two sons, Adolf and Herman went to Minnesota to bring the wood to Iowa.

The poles were all cut from logs and the boards that were trimmed from the outside of the poles wee used for sheeting on the roof and for doors.

The timbers were all made of notch and peg design.

The 6o-foot by 106-foot long builting housed work horses on the east side while the north end was for loose animals and the wist side was set up for stanchoins for dairy cattle.

The footing for the barn is a row of rocks laid close together around the outside of the barn.

Vernon and Vera Origer purchased the farm from Jesse Devoss in 1959 and converted it so the building was used for swine production.

“The many years the barn was used for swine production were a blessing for me,” said Vernon. “I could pull the tractor and manure spreader in the large sliding doors and clean pens, whatever I needed to do in the winter time without paying any attention to the weather.”