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Do you want to be a Kiwanis member?

By Staff | Sep 24, 2008

Dave Curry

There is room for another service club in Estherville.

That’s the message brought in by Kiwanis International Governor Dave Curry who spoke to the local Noon Kiwanis on Tuesday.

Curry, from Butte, Mont., believes Estherville is under-served by service clubs.

“With just one Rotary club and one Kiwanis Club,there’s room for another,” he said.

Curry is in town this week seeking out people who may be interested in forming a new club.

Many who might be Kiwanis members could be unable to meet at noon with the current group.

In town since Monday, Curry said he has garnered four applications already. He will be in Estherville until Thursday.

He said the object is not to compete with the local Kiwanis.

“If someone can meet at noon, we’ll send their application your way,” he said. “This is not a competition.”

As international president, Curry has traveled to other parts of the world to see what other Kiwanians have down.

“Kiwanis are the same all over the world,” he said. “They do what’s needed for their town.”

Curry told of his visit to the Kiwanis Club in Panama City, Panama.

Immediately upon arriving at the airport, he was asked if he wanted to see one of the club’s projects.

He was taken to a medical facility and looked around and said, “This is nice.”

He was then told the medical clinic was one of four that the Kiwanis Club helped establish.

A further tour of the city led him to a large sports complex, which was next to six baseball fields which was next to nine soccer fields.

“They built a medical clinic and then another and soon other people started to come out and help,” he said.

When the Panama Club first started, it had 28 members and when Curry visited, it had 38, but many of the new members had government connections.

Curry challenged the Noon Kiwanis to start one new project each year.

“Just think where you’ll be in 10 years,” he said.

In a visit to the Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School where he met with the Kiwanis Builder’s Club, the international president was impressed by the number of projects the club does throughout the year.

Curry was one of just several top Kiwanians in Estherville on Tuesday.

Others attending the noon meeting were Nebraksa/Iowa District Governor Mark Holmer from Algona; district governor-elect Don Glenn, Gus Dornbusch, from Lincoln, Neb., who will take over as district treasurer on Oct. 1 and past governor Dave Hessman from Spencer.