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Council to appoint Swisher replacement

By Staff | Oct 7, 2008

The Estherville City Council Monday night voted to fill by appointment the interim council seat vacated by Joe Swisher who has resigned as Ward 2 councilman.

Jason Hennin and John Wittneben have both expressed interest in the council seat. They and any other interested candidates will be interviewed by the council at its next meeting Oct. 20.

Anyone interested in the seat may contact the mayor or any council member.

In other business Monday, the council discussed tracking local option sales tax expenditures in order to ensure that 60 percent goes to community betterment and 40 percent to general fund assistance. City voters approved that distribution formula in the Aug. 26 election.

City clerk Vaughn Brua said a form will be used to track expenditures to ensure the formula is followed.

The council received a letter from Dr. Richard Lepird expressing a need for a sanitary dump station for recreational vehicles in the city. In his letter, Lepird said people who own recreational vehicles have to drive at least 20 miles to Wolden Park for the service.

The council referred the matter to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The council also learned that the next quarterly meeting for Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation will be noon Thursday, Oct. 30 at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake.

The council also noted receiving a letter from the Iowa Department of Public Health congratulating Bruce Bruns, water superintendent, for excellence in maintaining safe fluoride levels in the city water system.

The council approved a Class C Liquor License and Sunday Sales Privilege for Tim Loock of Imperial Lanes. Also approved was a Class B Native B Wine Permit for Heartland Americana.

The council approved moving to abate a nuisance at 708 N. Fifth St. The owners had requested extension following receipt of a previous abatement letter. That extension was granted, but the problem remained.

City administrator Steve Woodley briefed the council on energy efficiency assessments.

Woodley also reviewed fund balance histories for city utility funds. “The place is in better shape than it was in 1980,” Woodley said, noting that the general fund has benefitted from interest rates the past few years and that local option sales tax receipts should also help the city budget in the future.

Woodley said the Central Avenue railroad crossing repair project has been put on hold due to work in eastern Iowa after flooding there earlier this year.