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Meet the seven other presidential candidates

By Staff | Oct 7, 2008

Move over, John McCain-Sarah Palin and Barack Obama-Joe Biden. Ballots in the State of Iowa need space for 14 other paired contenders.

A sample ballot of the official general election ballot was secured from the desk of Emmet County Auditor Bev Juhl last week. About two-thirds of the center column is devoted to the future president and vice president under the federal office heading.

The names, other than Democrat and Republican, include: Constitution Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Peace and Freedom, Socialist Party USA and Socialist Workers Party.

There are pairings of men, man and woman, and women. The range of home states reaches from coast-to-coast.

Candidates for president/vice president include:

n Chuck Baldwin of Florida/Darrell L. Castle of Tennessee for the Constitution Party.

n Cynthia McKinney of California/Rosa Clemente of North Carolina for the Green Party.

n Bob Barr of Georgia/Wayne A. Root of Nevada for the Libertarian Party.

n Gloria La Riva of California/Robert Moses of Maryland for the Party of Socialism and Liberation.

n Ralph Nader of Connecticut/Matt Gonzalez of California for Peace and Freedom.

n Brian Moore of Florida/Stewart A. Alexander of California for the Socialistl Party U.S.A.

n James Harris of California/Alyson Kennedy of New Jersey for the Socialist Workers Party.

A cursory check shows each of these seven parties have information online. Make sure to do some political homework by reading up on all of these candidates and their views.