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2008 harvest in full swing

By Staff | Oct 11, 2008

The 2008 harvest is right in midseason in Emmet County and throughout the Midwest.

Farm Service Agency director Larry Niles estimates 90 percent of the soybeans have already been harvested in Emmet County.

“I think most farmers were pleasantly surprised with their beans (yield),” he said. “More rain in August would’ve added five to 10 bushels per acre though.”

Niles estimates harvests in Emmet County ranged from 40 to 50 bushels per acre.

“Of course some were above that and there were a few below that,” he said.

With the bean harvest complete, farmers head right into the cornfields.

“Everyone’s started on corn,” Niles said. “moisture content runs anywhere from 15 to 20 percent.”

He said it’s too early to know how yields will be, but expects they will be good.

“This is a typical year. Every year there area ares (of the county) that are better,” he said.

Expected rains on Sunday and Monday could slow area producers down, but the harvest will continue though October and into November.

Earlier this week, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said dry weather gave farmers a chance to make a dent in the harvest.

“We were also able to avoid a frost, which allowed late planted crops to continue to develop,” he said.

As of Monday, soybean harvest accelerated as mostly dry weather supported field work across the state.

The harvest pace was quickest in the northwest, where farmers harvested 46 percent of their soybean crop. Harvest progress was slower in the southern districts, where farmers combined less than 20 percent of their soybean acres. Corn harvest also progressed in all areas, but the pace was much slower. Most of the corn and soybean crops are mature or nearly mature, but 4 percent of the soybeans are still green and 3 percent of the corn has not dented. Some hay baling continued.

Ninety-seven percent of the corn has reached the dent stage, more than 2 weeks later than last year and the five-year average.

Corn mature advanced to 66 percent, compared with last year’s 98 percent and the five-year average of 95 percent.

Harvest advanced to 3 percent complete, well behind last year’s 19 percent pace and the five-year average of 15 percent.

Moisture content of corn in the field is estimated at 29 percent while harvested corn is averaging 25 percent. Corn lodging is rated at 81 percent none, 15 percent light, and 4 percent moderate.

Overall, the corn crop is rated 3 percent very poor, 9 percent poor, 27 percent fair, 47 percent good, and 14 percent excellent.

Ninety-six percent of the soybeans are turning color. Normally, all soybean acreage is turning color by this date.

Soybeans dropping leaves advanced to 84 percent, nearly 2 weeks later than last year and the five-year average. Soybean harvest advanced to 37 percent complete, 4 days later than last year and 5 days later than the five-year average.

Soybean lodging is reported at 82 percent none, 15 percent light, 2 percent moderate, and 1 percent heavy. Soybeans shattering is rated 82 percent none, 14 percent light, and 4 percent moderate.

Overall, the soybean crop is rated at 3 percent very poor, 8 percent poor, 28 percent fair, 48 percent good, and 13 percent excellent.

The third cutting of alfalfa progressed to 96 percent complete. Normally, the third alfalfa cutting is complete by this date.