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Election 2008 – Emmet County candidates to give viewpoints

By Staff | Oct 11, 2008

The Estherville Daily News takes pride in its unwavering determination to educate every voter in Emmet County to the best of its ability prior to General and Primary Elections.

In keeping with tradition, this publication will again feature the opinions and viewpoints of each local candidate whose name appears on the ballot for the General Electon on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008.

The most appealing format to date has been the question-and-answer format. The newsroom brainstormed ideas on which questions to pose to those seeking offices of auditor, sheriff, supervisor, Iowa State Senate seat for District 4 and Iowa State Representative seat for District 7.

Each candidate is limited to 100 words per answer. Five questions were mailed to each candidate and were office specific.

The answers will grace the EDN front page beginning Thursday, Oct. 16. Each day’s publication will feature one of the following races:

n Emmet County Auditor. Vying for the position are Micki Erickson (D), and Tammy Lair, independent.

n Emmet County Sheriff. Seeking this office are Gene Haukoos (R), Morris Jorgensen, independent, and Mike Martens (D).

n Emmet County Supervisor. A five-way battle for three seats has been waged by Roger Anderson (D), Randy Beaver (R), Bev Juhl (D), Alan Madden (D) and Tim Schumacher (R).

n Iowa State Senate seat for District 4. Opposing Sen. Jack Kibbie (D) is Ken Vaske (Grassroots for Life).

n Iowa State Representative seat for District 7. Rep. Marcella Frevert (D) and Deb Satern (R) are seeking this position.

Every vote counts and every voter deserves to know exactly how each candidates views the issues.