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No Speed Limit for slot cars

By Staff | Oct 22, 2008

Daryl Kindrick demonstrates the slot car track located at his business in Armstrong. EDN photos by Michael Tidemann

The cars fly around the track at a blistering pace, eight lanes at a time. It takes a steady hand and a keen eye to keep your car separate from the rest of the pack, but the seasoned drivers know what they’re doing.

No Speed Limit slot car racing, just next door to Custom Collision Center in downtown Armstrong, is a very unique place. Once you come inside, you’re hooked for good.

Owners Daryl and Marti Kindrick are now in their sixth year of offering slot car racing for both individual entertainment as well a competitive racing.

No Speed Limit is open 5-10 p.m. Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday and 11 a.m.-7 p.m., October through April. There’s track racing every Sunday afternoon in four classes, 4-inch stock, 4-inch modified, junior NASCAR and 4 1/2-inch truck series.

For those just getting into slot car racing, Kindrick rents cars for $4 for 10 minutes. He also offers starter kits that have everything you need to get into slot racing for $130. Anyone who has a slot car – whether they buy it from him or elsewhere – can race on the track for no charge.

The event that draws the most people would probably be the Junior NASCAR races 1 p.m. Sundays. “We have just as many old guys like us as the kids,” said Kindrick. Racers come from points as far away as Garner, Des Moines, Boone, Burlington, Milford, Mankato, Fairmont and all points between. Racers go three minutes per lane then switch lanes.

For those just starting out, Kindrick offers lots of advice such as oiling cars and painting the bodies. And if all that whizzing around seems confusing at first, don’t worry. The computer counts all the laps that each car makes around the track.

Points are tallied from the start of race season in October until April when the overall winner is awarded a large trophy.

The big event 7 p.m. Saturday nights would be drag racing on the quarter-mile scale drag strip. The cars travel at an actual speed of 65 miles an hour. When you put that into scale that’s REALLY fast. Kindrick offers drag cars for sale in the $55 to $150 range. Bracket races are held so everyone had the same chance of winning.

No Speed Limit caters to birthday celebrations and other events. Pizza, snacks and beverages are available.

So stop by at No Speed Limit at 615 Sixth St. in downtown Armstrong just next to Custom Collision Center or call 712-868-4309 to book your party or celebration.