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Dems celebrate, some Republicans hang on

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

Barack Obama proved how long his coattails were Tuesday night as Emmet County largely fell into the blue column, voting mainly for Democrats.

Locally, Republican Randy Beaver kept his seat in the three-way race for the Emmet County Board of Supervisors, coming in second with 2,541 votes. Top vote getter was Democrat Bev Juhl, who announced her plans to retire as auditor and to run for supervisor. Juhl had 3,022 votes and fellow Democrat Alan Madden, current chair of the Emmet County Board of Supervisors, had 2,451 votes.

“I’m glad I won,” Madden said. “I came in third where I thought I would be coming from the eastern portion of the county. The grassroots support I have here in Estherville is what brought me through,” Madden said.

Losing his seat on the board was Democrat Roger Anderson, with 2,302 votes. Republican Tim Schumacher, a new contender for one of the board seats, rounded out the supervisor candidates with 1,715 votes.

Six Iowa Lakes Community College students were challenged when they tried to vote and had to vote provisionally at the Masonic Hall. Jerry Henscheid, a nontraditional student in the wind energy program, said poll workers challenged the students’ residency qualifications. They have until noon Thursday to prove their qualifications to vote.

Henscheid noted a number of Puerto Rican students at Iowa Lakes who could not vote in their homes but can vote in Iowa if they can prove residency. “A lot of them voted today,” Henscheid said.

Grecia Cabrales, who as a citizen of Mexico is not qualified to vote, was still jubilant when it was predicted that Obama won.

“He’s for the future,” Cabrales said. She said Obama better understood international economics.

“I think it was a good day for Senator Obama, a great day for the people of the United States and a great step forward for reasonable diplomancy between nations. The people have spoken,” said Emmet County Democratic Chair John Nelson.

“Those who choose security over essential liberty deserve neither,’ Benjamin Franklin,” said Republican Steve Satern whose wife Deb lost her challenge to Dist. 7 Rep. Marcie Frevert. In Emmet County, Frevert had 2,597 votes to Satern’s 2245.

“I agree with him completely,” Deb said, speaking as Emmet County Republican chair.

“I believe that tonight our county, our state and our country if Barack Obabma should win, have taken a turn torwards socialism. There’s no security there in socialism. There will be a price to pay. I’ve never seen an election like this where everybody has come out so strongly for socialism,” she said of Obama.

Schumacher, who had a strong showing against three incumbents and Juhl, longterm auditor, thanked his supporters.

“I want to thiank people that voted for me,” Schumacher said. “It was a great panel of candidates this time and I was glad to be one of them,” Schumacher said. “My congratulations to the winning candidates. I hope they look to building a bright future for Emmet County.”

“Well I’m happy with it,” Beaver said of his second-place showing. “I spent probably the least amount and had the best results I guess. I’m thankful to all the people that did vote for me. I’ll continue to do what I’m doing, tell the people how it is.”

Noting how close the election was, Beaver noted the wide variety of candidates.

“We had independents and we had Republicans and we had Democrats,” Beaver said

Beaver also offered some comments on the other races.

“I thought Deb Satern did an excellent job running for the first time. I’m happy Latham got back in. I was kind of watching him. I think we kind of all thought that Barack was favored. McCain wasn’t my choice to start with for the Republicans. People are just ready for something different.”