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Outstanding in their field

By Staff | Jun 12, 2009

Ryan Ross, far right, showed Iowa Lakes Community College agronomy students the Asmus Farm Supply’s test plot on the east edge of Estherville Thursday morning. EDN photo by Samantha Heerdt

Students from the Iowa Lakes Community College agronomy programs received a tour of Asmus Farm Supply Thursday.

Ag instructor Tom Quastad said the purpose of the trip was to give the students business ideas and exposure for future work. He wanted to bring the students to Asmus because “they’re outstanding at what they know.”

There are approximately 30 students in the ag programs at Iowa Lakes. “We’re a growing program,” said Quastad.

Ryan Ross led the group through the corn field of test plots. Part of the field is testing row widths, at 38-, 30- and 20-inch rows. There is also a twin row study. The rows are 30 inches with the corn staggered on either side of the row.

Another study Ross told the students about is in differing populations. Plants per acre vary from 30,000 to 42,000.

Ross also told the students about a normal variety trial with 15 different corn hybrids being tested.

On Wednesday, July 29, Asmus is hosting Channel Access, a mobile classroom designed to inform and instruct producers of new technologies. Area producers within a 100 mile radius have been invited. Brent Baddeley of Asmus called it a “mini bio future experience.”

If anyone has questions about the ag program, call Quastad at 712-852-5212.