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The littlest pet show

By Staff | Jun 18, 2009

At first glance, it appeared the 2009 Pet Show was going to the dogs as the only entrants this year were of the canine variety.

For whatever reason, three pet owners took the time to enter their beloved furry pets into the 9:30 a.m. show staged Wednesday at the entrance of Rosewood Manor Nursing Home in Estherville. The annual event is planned by the Estherville Parks and Recreation Department.

The residents of the nursing home were delighted by the antics of the animals as they were paraded around during the judging segment of the show.

Shari Bisgaard served as emcee. She is the parks and recreation department assistant.

Serving as show judges were Karla Lester and Mallory Bradley.

The entrants included Trixie, primgar corgy, whose owner is Carol Huntley of Estherville; Rufis, miniature schnauzer, whose owner is Lisa Lowe of Estherville; and Snoop, border collie, whose owner is Jim Keeline of Spirit Lake.

And the winners are:

n Biggest, first place, Snoop.

n Smallest, first place, Trixie; second, Rufis.

n Best looking, first place, Rufis; second, Snoop.

n Most well behaved, first place, Snoop; second, Rufis.

n Best trick, first place, Snoop.

n Best dressed, first place, Trixie.

n Loudest, first place, Trixie.

n Quietest, first place, Snoop; second, Rufis.

n Best named, first place Trixie.