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Stabbing suspect faces attempted murder charge

By Staff | Jun 23, 2009

Estherville police have arrested a man in connection with a stabbing of another man.

On Saturday, June 20, the Estherville Police Department was summoned to Avera Holy Family Hospital in regards to a victim that had been stabbed with a knife. Upon arrival at the hospital, they met with the victim of the stabbing who was identified Xavier Marquez, 24, of Estherville. Marquez reported that he had been involved in an altercation and had received numerous stab wounds. Marquez was able to identify the suspect involved and police conducted an investigation.

Following an investigation and several interviews, it is alleged that Lyle Clarken, 27, of Estherville had stabbed Marquez approximately 13 times.

Clarken was arrested and charged with attempted murder, willful injury, and going armed with intent. The stabbing was a result of an earlier disagreement between the two men, the police report stated.

Clarken was placed in the Emmet County Jail following his arrest. He made an initial appearance before an associate district court judge and placed on a bond of $47,000 cash or surety. He was released on bond the following day.

Attempted murder is a Class B Felony punishable by no more than 25 years in prison. Willful injury is a Class C Felony punishable by a prison term of no more than 10 years and a fine of at least $1,000 and no more than $10,000 dollars. Going armed with intent is a Class D Felony punishable by a term in prison of no more than five years and a fine of at least $750 but no more than $7,500 dollars.

The Estherville Police Department was assisted in its investigation by the Emmet County Sheriff’s Department.