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Courtyard, bleacher projects discussed

By Staff | Jul 15, 2009

SPIRIT LAKE – The cement courtyard on the west side of the Spirit Lake High School is getting a makeover. The cement has been torn up and new 12-foot sidewalk will take its place. The rest of the area will be grass.

High School Principal Steve Ratzlaff is organizing a group to help with the beautification of the courtyard. E-mails have been sent to all parents and students of the high school. Those who want to help may attend a meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 16.

Superintendent Dave Smith said, “It’s positive for the community to get students and parents involved.” The sidewalk and grass will be completed for the start of the new school year. Other beautification projects will be completed as funds become available.

While the insurance report doesn’t say that the district can’t use the current bleachers, many board members are uncomfortable allowing anyone to use them. Smith said he looked through former superintendent Doug Latham’s information about the project. Smith believes it is possible to get the old bleachers out and the new ones up and running by the first game. He has also contacted some people regarding donations of both time and money.

Jim Tirevold, director of buildings and grounds, said he has a meeting with Beck Engineering today. “I think we can make it work,” Tirevold said.

Smith said he hopes to have confirmations on donations in seven to 10 days.

“The sooner we can get started, the more beneficial it is for us,” said Tirevold.

“I’m not comfortable using what we’ve got,” said board member Todd Hummel. “I feel comfortable with the track Dave is on.”

The board discussed setting a special meeting next week once Smith has done more research and received donation confirmations.