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Spirit Lake: Two entities will share technology

By Staff | Jul 16, 2009

SPIRIT LAKE – Spirit Lake city administrator Mark Stevens proposed an agreement with Dickinson County to the city council that would allow the city and county to work closer together with technology services, including planning and implementing technology software and hardware, and Geographic Information Services.

“We need some substantial upgrades and additions to what we have,” said Stevens. He also said that the agreement would be very beneficial to the city. The county’s GIS system is updated almost weekly, whereas the city’s system goes 12-18 months between updates.

The agreement consists of a $1,500 annual fee plus a $50 per hour charge for services. Since the agreement would be a one-year contract, Stevens said it would be a “trial run to see if we can get more access to technology and technology services.”

Council member Clyde Ihrke entered the resolution with the condition that after six months they analyze the city’s use. The council approved the agreement.

The council approved resolutions to accept completed projects and make final payments. The projects and payments include:

n 2007 PPC paving project with a final payment of $12,000.

n 2007 sewer rehab project with a final payment of $21,977.

n 2008 PPC paving/library parking lot improvements project with a final payment of $19,518.

A change order to the 19th Street reconstruction project in the amount of $2,560 was approved.

The council approved the ordinance amending the taxicab policy. Stevens said he has had conversations with one taxi company and has had “no complaints or major issues.”

Spirit Lake Police Chief Jeff Hanson said he would like to have a public safety meeting regarding bicycles on sidewalks downtown. Council member Stephen Balm also noted that people rollerblading on the sidewalks has become a problem in the downtown area.

A professional services agreement was made with Beck Engineering regarding flooding issues for East Center Lake detention pond/low impact developments study.