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Estherville: Input sought to help guide branding process

By Staff | Jul 24, 2009

Estherville has partnered with North Star Destination Strategies to develop a community “Brand” for marketing the city to visitors, residents and businesses in the year 2009 and beyond. According to North Star CEO Don McEachern, at the heart of Estherville’s brand will be the city’s competitive differentiator-in other words, what makes the city special so it can stand out in the marketplace.

And one of the best places to find that figurative nugget of marketing gold is in the hearts and minds of the people who call Estherville home.

Toward this end, North Star developed a customized Communitywide Online Survey. The questionnaire has been carefully crafted to determine the city’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.

All residents are invited and encouraged to participate in this important community-wide initiative.

The survey can be found on the Chamber’s website at www.estherville.org, and also the websites of the Estherville Daily News (www.esthervilledailynews.com), and KILR AM 1070/ 95.9 (www.kilrradio.com).

Surveys can be completed online and submitted electronically. Paper surveys will be available at the Estherville Public Library and at the Chamber Office at 620 First Ave. S.

“We have partnered with more than 100 cities in more than 20 states nationwide and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of insights gleaned from community members,” stressed McEachern. “To learn what makes a city special, you have to go to the people who spend more than just their money and time there. You have to go to the people who spend their lives there.”

If you are interested in learning more about Estherville’s branding initiative, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 712-362-3541.

To learn more about North Star Destination Strategies, go to northstarideas.com.