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Water project will cost $1.9m

By Staff | Aug 4, 2009

Members of the Estherville City Council learned Monday the probable constructions costs of the municipal water treatment plant improvements and new ground storage reservoir would be in the neighborhood of $1,918,000.

The breakdown shows plant improvements would cost $1,626,000 while the price tag for the news reservoir would be $292,000.

Estherville City Administrator Penny Clayton recommended setting a public hearing for Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 5 p.m. She proposed the bid-letting date be Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 1 p.m. The council approved the dates as suggested.

It is anticipated both projects would be substantially completed in the fall of 2010.

Some discussion was devoted to the curfew issue. Clayton received information about the curfew ordinances in Algona, Emmetsburg, Spencer and Spirit Lake. No two were alike. It was pointed out every municipality had exceptions in place.

“I believe curfew is a parental responsibility but it can be a tool for law enforcement,” Clayton told the council, noting she did not have a recommendation “If law enforcement saw a reason for a tool to control activities, I would support it if they wanted it.”

Estherville Police Captain Brent Shatto said there is no one opinion in the police department. “It certainly would be a tool, especially if parents aren’t participating.”

In his recollection, the captain said the last time the curfew topic was visited was in the 1990s. Discussion ceased because of the possibility of violating constitutional rights.

Assistant City Attorney Dave Forsyth noted he was not in favor of a curfew. “If the law enforcement wanted a curfew, they would have come to the council.”

Forsyth added a curfew would not address any problems arising from the 17- to 25-year-old segment of the population.

Councilman Gene Haukoos said, “Let law enforcement discuss it.” He then asked Shatto about the vandalism rate.

Shatto responded, “It’s not good.” He pointed out it has been mostly non-monetary loss involving paint that is easy to remove.

The council agreed to turn the issue over to law enforcement.

The council’s attention was directed to the existing industry call program executed by the Iowa Lakes Corridor Development Corporation. Seven Emmet County businesses were interviewed this year. A wealth of information was shared with the council including: product/service, market, industry, management and work force.

Two companies noted their sales volume is increasing. Two others indicated sales were stable while two other business reported declining sales. One business did not participate in the question.

Four of the seven in Emmet County reported plans to expand operations in the next three years. Information given noted this could include $4,400,000 in capital improvement, 57 new jobs and 20,000 square feet.

Those interviewed employ a total of 1,128 individuals. This includes 88 percent full-time workers and 12 percent part-time.

The report noted 67 new jobs were added by these employers in Emmet County over the last three years and no jobs were cut.

In other business, the council:

n Approved the sale of lot 8 in Carrico Heights Addition to Brian and Penny Clayton. Estherville Mayor Lyle Hevern opened a public hearing prior to the vote.

n Gave a nod to the sign permit application for Crossroads Community Church, 2015 Third Ave.S., with the stipulation the sign must be painted by Tuesday, Sept. 15.

n Reviewed and approved the development agreement for the Wanda Christensen Acres proposal.