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Cool July lowers pool attendance

By Staff | Aug 11, 2009

The adjective cool can be descriptive slang to mean awesome, wonderful, terrific and great.

However when Estherville Parks and Recreation Department Director Dave Spurgin told his board Monday the “pool log reflects a very cool July,” that is not cool.

The board learned there were 2,000 less individuals visiting the pool in comparison to 2008 statistics for the seventh month of the year.

“I’ve heard July 2009 was the coolest on record and there was not one 90-degree day anywhere in the state. While that works well for air-conditioning bills, that is not so good for outdoor swimming pools,” he said

The pool will be open through Tuesday, Aug. 18 for the 60-day season. Spurgin said there is a contingency plan to remain open until Thursday, Aug. 20 if hot weather prevails. He did note individuals at this time of year are mostly caught up with other commitments in preparation for the start-up of school.

The board took time to quickly scan the department’s five-year plan which arrived Monday afternoon. “I like the format,” Spurgin said, noting he could not give a detailed review as he had no time to study each page in depth.

The board reviewed the short-term goals as well as those in the long-term list. Members agreed to study the plan in depth for discussion at the September meeting.

Spurgin noted 320 youth participated in the little league programs. “Different age groups may dictate some changes next year.”

There were 41 swim team participants, up from last year. Spurgin complimented the RWC staff for scheduling a swim team training class. A total of 108 took swimming lessons. There were 37 youth participating in the summer tennis program as well as two adults.

The board learned the pool inspector did not issue any write-ups, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

Member Bob Jensen labeled the flower basket project a “raging success.” He touched upon the blooming weed problem. Spurgin commented a plan of action is in place.