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County to clarify sick leave policy

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

The Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday agreed to have Emmet County Attorney Doug Hansen redraft the county sick leave policy to reflect changes in how employees are paid for the first few days of time lost.

Workers Compensation only pays for the first three work days following illness or injury if the employee is absent from work for 14 calendar days – something that happens rarely. What the county has been trying to decide is how to fill in the gap of time lost in an equitable manner for all county employees.

Auditor Mikki Erickson told the board at its Tuesday meeting that Hansen had contacted GKN and Art’s-Way about their sick leave policy while she had contacted Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative.

Supervisor Ben Juhl said a key question at hand is how day-of-injury compensation is handled.

Erickson said GKN, Art’s-Way and ILEC all pay regular pay for the day of injury and the three following days, similar to how county secondary employees are paid in the same situation.

Supervisor Ron Smith called for continuity among county employees.

Supervisor Alan Madden agreed, noting different policies for secondary road, the Emmet County Board of Health and courthouse employees.

Juhl said in the event that the employee should be gone 14 days and Workers Compensation picks up the first three days following an injury that the county could give the employee credit for three sick leave days and adjust compensation accordingly. She said the provision should then be put into the employee policy manual.

The board agreed to have Hansen write up the revised policy for the board’s consideration.