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Highway 9 project in the works for 2010

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

It’s going to be a whole different drive across Emmet County about a year from now.

Mark Callahan, design engineer with the Iowa Department of Transportation District 2 office in Mason City, met with the Emmet County Board of Supervisors Tuesday to discuss the Highway 9 asphalt overlay that will take place next summer. The 18-mile project will extend from the Brown Creek bridge just east of Estherville to the Kossuth County Line.

The project will include milling off three inches of existing asphalt, adding rejuvenating oil and relaying the cold asphalt topped with a four-inch hot asphalt overlay. Callahan said the three-month project will leave one driving lane open.

Two-foot paved shoulders will be added on both sides to make a 28-foot paved surface. Eastbound and westbound turning lanes will be built at N52 and a westbound turning lane will be built at N32 to complement the eastbound turning lane already in place.

The DOT will let bids this winter with construction next summer for the $9 million project.

Callahan also discussed culverts along the route and other issues with the board. He said if culverts were extended that it would have to be a separate project.

The major factor affecting the project cost would be fluctuating asphalt prices, Callahan said. However, since the Highway 9 project is the first coming out of the District 2 Mason City office, Callahan said it would get top priority.

“I think we’re in good shape to go to the Kossuth County line with this project,” Callahan said.