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Christian rapper gets the spirit up at VBS

By Staff | Aug 15, 2009

The Rev. Joe Johnson, a Christian rapper from Indianapolis, found a receptive audience for his music Friday at the Presbyterian Church Bible school in Estherville. EDN photos by Michael Tidemann

What a way to end a week of vacation Bible school!

The Rev. Joe Johnson, a Christian rapper from Indianapolis, helped VBS kids at the Presbyterian Church in Estherville get their spirit up during the last day of vacation Bible school Friday.

Johnson’s connection to Estherville came through the Rev. Susie Moews when they attended seminary together. They’ve continued to stay in touch, and for the past 12 years Susie and her husband, Dr. Dean Moews, and their children have visited Johnson and his wife every Christmas while every summer the Johnsons have returned the favor and visited the Moews family in Estherville. The Moewses moved to Indianola last year since Dr. Moews took a teaching position at Mercy in Des Moines; however, they were back in Estherville last weekend for a wedding and decided to stay a week so their kids could attend VBS with their friends as Estherville Presbyterian Church.

This last Christmas, Hannah Gabbard, daughter of the Rev. Mark and Melissa Gabbard and a good friend of the Moews girls, went along to visit Johnson in Indianapolis. When Hannah had the chance to get in on recording some music with Johnson, just as the Moews family has since they began their visits to Johnson’s home in Indianapolis, she was hooked.

“I always heard from the Moewses that Hannah was my number-one fan,” Johnson said.

Rebecca and Kaitlin Moews and Hannah Gabbard got into the swing of things when kids sang and danced during the last day of vacation Bible School at the Presbyterian Church in Estherville Friday.

Johnson has swung over a lot of new fans to rap music who appreciate his spiritually based lyrics. “I like to include kids into it,” he said.

That was pretty apparent Friday when he had the whole room of kids rockin’ with the spirit of Jesus.

And who said all rap was bad