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Be safe on the first day of school

By Staff | Aug 29, 2009

While the Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School is ready for students, the increased traffic on First Avenue South on the first day of school will prove a challenge for parents, school officials and police to keep the area orderly and safe. EDN photo by David Swartz

The Estherville Police Department is letting students and parents of students know that there will be police officers in and around the school buildings in an effort to curb parking and student loading and unloading issues. The increased enforcement efforts are scheduled to make the streets and loading areas safer for Estherville Lincoln Central School students.

n Demoney The area directly in front of the school building marked as a loading zone and the handicapped stalls have been misused in the past. There will be citations issued to people illegally parked in these areas. The marked bus loading and unloading zone that is located in the High School Parking lot for the Demoney school will be for buses only. No motor vehicle parking will be allowed in this area during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

n Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School (First Avenue South) The school and the City of Estherville worked together and will have a designated bus loading and unloading zone, as well as, a designated area for parents to load and unload students. The parent area will be in front of the school and parallel to the curb. This area is clearly marked for your convenience. Please drop your children off on the school side of the street so they do not have to cross traffic. Stopping in the travel portion of the roadway is prohibited and you will receive a traffic citation for stopping in the street. Safety of the children is the key as well as maintaining a steady traffic flow in the area.

n Estherville Lincoln Central Roosevelt School (North 6th Street) There will be the usual loading and unloading of students as in the past, however, stopping in the travel portion of any street is illegal and the driver will receive a traffic citation. There are several loading zone stalls in front of the school and, numerous angle parking stalls located there for your convenience.

n Estherville Lincoln Central High School New parking areas for the staff have been identified by signs and the lines and curbs have been repainted in the parking lot. All vehicles must be parked properly in a marked parking stall and no vehicle shall be parked in a yellow curb area. The staff parking area is to the South of the main entrance to the high school and is marked with signs. The staff will have window tags that allow them to park in this lot. The area on the south side of the parking lot is for bus loading and unloading only from the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Vehicles parked illegally in the lots are subject to a parking ticket fine of $15. Vehicles illegally parked in the staff parking only lot will be given a warning by school staff and then may be ticketed and towed. The fine for stopping on the travel portion of a roadway is $107.25 and is a moving violation on a driver’s record.

The Estherville Police Department is concerned with the safety of students arriving and leaving the school property. We will be in the area of the new middle school during the first week of school to make sure that vehicles are following the procedures stated above so that our students are safe.