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A-R voters turn out for school election

By Staff | Sep 9, 2009

The number of voters turning out for the 2009 school election were light on the west side of Emmet County in comparison to the other side of the county.

Only 77 of 5,928 registered voters in the Estherville Lincoln Central School District took the time to cast ballots for three director-at-large positions which had no opposition. Voters could vote for no more than three. Re-elected to their posts are:

n Jodie L. Greig 71 votes, or 34.13 percent.

n Duane Schnell 68 votes, or 32.69 percent.

n Karen Butler, 65 votes, or 31.25 percent.

Voters in the ELC District also had 4 votes for write-in candidates.

On the eastern side of the county, Don Looft secured 198 votes or 96.59 percent for the Armstrong-Ringsted Director District II spot. This race also attracted seven write-in votes.

For the A-R Director District III seat, 116 write-in votes were cast. The winner of this race will not be known until sometime later today.

For the A-R Director-At-Large seat, 130 votes (53.72 percent) were cast for Jen Von Bank with Thomas Umscheid receiving 97 tallies (40.09 percent). Fifteen other votes were totaled under the write-in category.

“I want to thank the precinct officials because the job they do is awesome. It’s very different on election day to be on the side of the table at the polling places,” said Emmet County Auditor/Commissioner of Elections Micki Erickson. “It takes time and effort on the part of poll workers to prepare for an election. I want to also thank the voters who took time out of their busy schedules to get to the polls. And a special thank you to Barb Bohm, Colleen Anderson and Colleen Miller who give it their all on election day and every day in the auditor’s office.”

All votes are unofficial until 8:15 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 11, when the Emmet County Board of Supervisors convenes to canvass the votes.