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Prescription scam targets veterans

By Staff | Sep 11, 2009

They served their country with honor and distinction.

And now they’re the target of scam artists and thieves.

Veterans around the country are getting calls from representatives claiming to be from the Veterans Administration pharmacy patient care group. The callers say the billing procedure for prescriptions has changed and that the veteran needs to provide his or her credit card number for prescription payment before the pharmacy will honor medication requests.

Larry Sundall, Emmet County Veterans Affairs Commission director, said that while no veterans have been called locally yet, there are three or four areas in Iowa where scammers have called.

“They’ve been using a lot of different lines,” Sundall said. He said it appears that the callers have been calling at random to both non-veterans as well as veterans.

The VA has not changed the process by which it receives and dispenses prescriptions. Veterans are cautioned to never give their credit card to anyone who calls claiming to be from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“The biggest thing is you should never give your credit card number out. The VA doesn’t use credit cards,” Sundall said.