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Estherville earns positive audit report for FY09

By Staff | Sep 22, 2009

The Estherville City Council learned Monday that its finances for fiscal year 2008-09 are in order-that’s according to the accounting firm of Brinkman and Reed, following the city audit.

Rick Reed, representing Brinkman & Reed, reported expenses were more than revenue this past year. Receipts for the year ending June 30, 2009 totaled $12,588,711, a 4.3 percent increase. Expenses for the year totaled $1,938.352, an 11.9 percent increase.

However that was expected.

“The state finally billed us for the (2005) Highway 4 and 9 projects and there also was a big repair on generator No. 5,” Reed said.

For more on the audit, turn to Page 3 of today’s Daily News.

Code changes

With the full council present, three new city codes were passed Tuesday. No one was present at the preceding public hearing regarding regulations concerning small wind energy systems.

A couple key components of the ordinance include that these energy systems are only permitted in agricultural and light and heavy industrial zoning districts. Also they can only be built on lots of an acre or more.

Council also adopted code regarding adult entertainment establishments.

Community development director Barb Mack said no one has inquired about adult entertainment establishments.

“We just want to have something in place,” she said.

The third adoption updated city code regarding movable stops signs. With the new Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School on the east side of town, a movable stop sign is now in use at South 13th Street and First Avenue South.

In working with ELC school officials, city administrator Penny Clayton said movable stop signs are no longer needed at North Fourth Street and Fourth Avenue North and also on North Ninth Street.

In a related matter, the parking space for the physical handicapped at the Roosevelt school building was approved to be moved further south, thus creating a larger loading zone.

Sign permits

Council quickly approved sign permits for Romantic Treasures Bridal Shoppe at 1737 Central Avenue and Verizon Wireless at 1603 Central Avenue.

Minimum Housing

Code Violation

Council authorized the city attorney to proceed with the steps necessary to eliminate a violation at 1314 Second Avenue North.

Utility service termination fee

Although council was asked to increase the water and sewer default termination fee from $200 to $400, members elected to increase the fee to $600.

Clayton made the original request to make the increase because the costs exceeded the fee.

Highway 4 update

Clayton said Highway 4 is still scheduled to open the week of Oct. 12.

“They’ve paved the main line and starting working on the intersection of (highways) 4 and 9,” she said.

Contractors will continue installing intersections and connecting driveways over the next couple weeks.