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Haunted hosts wanted again

By Staff | Sep 30, 2009

Doc Sievert and crew are again backing the annual Haunted Hike in Estherville. EDN file photo

Do you like nothing better than scaring the daylights out of people?

Then get together with your group of friends or fellow workers for the annual horribly fun Haunted Hike.

New ideas, frightening figures and surprises are wanted along the path of the hike which in past years took place on the Doc Sievert place east of the Emmet Izaak Walton League grounds and at the Emmet County Fairgrounds.

A sign will be posted representing your business or company to show who sponsored the station or scene.

Haunted hosts need to be identified right away so promoters can prepare a brochure to hand out to patrons advertising the hike sponsors. The more the scarier. Haunted hosts are responsible for setting up their scene the day of the hike and taking it down the day after and providing the needed materials for their station.

In the past, it was great fun to offer a free Halloween celebration for children and adults of Estherville and neighboring communities.

Do you remember those heart-stopping moments when you were a kid and someone jumped out in front of you in broad daylight and scared the daylights out of you? After you recovered, it was funny.

Well, it’s now your turn to get even with everyone who did it to you. Join the Haunted Hike and be part of a public service to our community. Donate a few hours and minor supplies and enjoy the fun.