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A tale of rescue and redemption

By Staff | Oct 3, 2009

Theirs is a story of rescue and redemption, of overcoming overwhelming odds to allow them to witness what God has done for them.

Dave and Barb Anderson will share their gospel ministry along with their music Sunday, Oct. 18 at Immanuel Lutheran Church at 409 N. Sixth St. in Estherville. The 90-minute concert starts at 6 p.m.

Dave said that during the concert he and Barb will tell the story of how when returning from a mission in the Russian Far East the couple and five others went down in a plane in the Bering Sea in 1993. Despite being in 36-degree weather for nearly an hour, they all survived.

“The rescue is one of the most dramatic air-sea rescues in history,” Dave said. “It’s a story of God’s grace and intervention. Luck had absolutely nothing to do with it. We probably are the only people in the world to survive anything like this.”

The Andersons’ music is a mix of hymns, gospel and children’s songs geared to an adult audience.

“I call the music that we do message music,” Dave said. He and Barb invite the audience to sing along.

The Andersons have traveled 4 million miles in their music ministry, performing 5,200 concerts in the U.S. and 17 other countries.

Their newest ministry is Shepherd Canyon Retreat, a respite for pastors and their spouses.

Dave said 10 percent of all pastors are in crisis. Ironically, the people others turn to in time of crisis have difficulty finding anyone they can turn to themselves.

“It’s very difficult for pastors to say ‘I need help,'” Dave said. He said 1,000-1,400 Presbyterian pastors leave the ministry each month. That means just as many are leaving as are coming in, making no net gain in an occupation that is at a crisis point in fulfilling the demand.

Shepherd Canyon Retreat is currently leasing facilities in Wisconsin and Arizona and hopes to eventually establish a permanent retreat. Typically, retreats consist of four pastoral couples, two therapists and a chaplain who brings pastoral ministry to retreats.

A freewill offering will be accepted. For more information about the Andersons’ miraculous rescue see therescuestory.com and for more information about the pastoral retreat see shepherdscanyonretreat.org.