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Farmers Almanac: Look for a cold winter

By Staff | Oct 3, 2009

Tired of the wet, cool weather?

Well, you’d better put an extra log on the fire.

According to the The Old Farmer’s 2010 Almanac, now on newsstands, this winter will be colder than normal mainly due to persistent cold from mid-February through mid-March. It will be early to mid-December, mid- to late January and late February, though, which will have the coldest spots.While Des Moines and to the northeast will have normal or above-normal snowfall, look for below-normal snowfall in our area. You can expect the biggest snowstorms in mid-December and early to mid-January.

Throughout the heartland region, which includes Iowa and parts of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and South Dakota, early spring will be much warmer than normal with below-normal precipitation, especially in the south.

Summer will be cooler and rainier than normal, despite hot spells in early, mid- and late July and early and mid-August.

Next September and October will be warmer than normal with above-normal rain in the north and rain below normal in the south.

Other features of the 2010 almanac include “The Man Who Shot Everyone in Town”, a story about Mike Disfarmer who photographed hundreds of residents of Heber Springs, Ark., a town about the size of Estherville.

The almanac also tells the best planting dates according to the phase of the moon. The best time to plant sweet corn is April 14-17. Potatoes are best planted from April 14-28.

If you want a good carrot crop, plant either March 7-14 or March 30-31. The best time for tomato plants would be April 14-28.

The 2010 almanac also offers the “Essential Manure Manual” which includes some very helpful tips for manure application.

You’ll also find some interesting ads in this year’s almanac. They include kits for making beer and wine at home, starting at $59.95.

Sister Roberts, psychic reader and advisor and spiritual Indian healer, can solve impossible problems, remove back luck, get rid of evil influences, cure sickness and reunite lovers. Results are guaranteed.

If you’ve had your eye on the special someone who doesn’t even know you’re alive, the Voodoo Woman can solve all your problems and does voodoo love spells. A special package is available for just $75.

If you’ve ever wanted to just dig a hole in the ground and crawl into it, someone can help you with that too. One ad says you can “build underground houses/shelters/greenhouses dirt cheap!”

“Who’s sleeping with you tonight?” asks another ad that offers Nontoxic Kleen Green that “stops bed bugs, lice, and mites fast!” It’s also safe for children and pets. Shipping is fast and confidential.