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ELC takes issue with punch list item

By Staff | Oct 14, 2009

The Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District Board of Education Monday put a pencil to a number of punch list items on the new middle school.

The board decided to deny the contractor’s request that the district pay to replace vinyl baseboard in the first floor around the gym.

In presenting the punch list items, Superintendent Dick Magnuson noted the four-inch vinyl baseboard did not completely cover a gap where the floor does not quite reach the wall. He presented a number of repair options which would have cost more money.

“I can’t for the life of me see how this is the school’s responsibility in a brand-new building,” said board member Duane Schnell.

“This is shoddy work,” said board member Karen Butler.

“They could have fixed the problem by just pushing the base down further,” said Schnell. He said the baseboard should have been caulked before it was laid down rather than after.

“Why is he making it sound like it’s our problem?” asked Schnell.

The board denied the request to replace the baseboard but went along with extending a stoop in the back of the building.

Magnuson noted the elevator was to be inspected Wednesday and was expected to be operational after 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. “It’s something we really need to have operational in the building,” he said.

Magnuson said the fire marshal had accepted the architect’s solution regarding an issue of door hardware.

Magnuson said more dirt was needed south of the building and the area reseeded. He said the front of the building needed to be reseeded as well.

Other items that will be replaced include an electric box on the roof. Magnuson said the electrician will be asked to replace an interior electric box with an exterior box.

Magnuson also showed a slide of a couple places where the roof had leaked but was repaired. “It has been taken care of,” he said.