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Brown selected Senate page

By Staff | Oct 27, 2009

You don’t have to talk to Matt Brown for very long to realize that this young man is going to go places.

Matt, who is graduating at mid-year from Estherville Lincoln Central, has been selected as a Senate page during the 2010 Iowa General Assembly. Matt’s parents are Darrin and Beth Brown of Estherville.

Matt said his American government instructor, Steve Mc Cauley, had brought up the opportunity of serving as a Senate page. So Matt applied. He was interviewed last Wednesday and learned Thursday he had been selected.

The paid position will acquaint him with the inner workings of government, something that fascinates Matt whose career aspiration is to become a U.S. senator. He’ll go through orientation in November in Des Moines and start his job Jan. 11. There will be opportunities for internships during later legislative sessions.

Due to the state budget crunch, Matt will find his job will be a little shorter – 80 days instead of a full 100. He’ll stay with a family friend near Des Moines and have most Fridays off.

So why would a young man choose hanging out with all those stodgy old senators instead of backpacking across Europe or sunning on a beach on Maui?

“I just have a desire for politics, I guess,” said Matt.

His political mentor is the late Ted Kennedy with President Obama coming in a close second.

Matt feels strongly that health care must be made available to all Americans and he favors a public option.

He also favors a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers and that the U.S. should find a way out of Afghanistan and Iraq without conceding defeat. He would also like more emphasis on domestic issues than international.

Sounds like a pretty good platform, doesn’t it?