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Lincoln Park and pool dominate parks meeting

By Staff | Nov 10, 2009

The two main issues on the Estherville Parks and Recreation Board agenda Monday were Lincoln Park and the swimming pool.

Last month, the board discussed fencing two sides of Lincoln Park-the former site of the elementary on Highway 4 North.

Parks and recreation director Dave Spurgin said he’s still hopeful that can be completed this fall.

“It’s in this year’s budget and it’s still possible to get in depending on the weather,” he said.

Currently there is a chain-link fence separating the area from nearby houses on the northwest side. That fencing may also be replaced.

Spurgin said he’s researching ownership issues.

City officials have also applied for a grant from the Excel! Committee for playground equipment. Spurgin is looking at equipment built by Miracle Recreation in Marshalltown.

The concern with the swimming pool is that the water usage was way up at the end of the season.

Spurgin suspects a leak in a section of piping that hasn’t been replaced since 1969.

“The concern is to figure out where the water is going,” he said.

Spurgin said the water department uses a leak detection specialist every spring. He plans to use that specialist to find the leak at the pool.

Also, in a discussion with city administrator Penny Clayton, Spurgin said they plan to have a professional come in and assess the condition of the pool, what can be done to improve it and come up with a cost estimate.

In other business, Spurgin reminded the board members to think about the upcoming budget for next month. Annually in December, the board selects capital improvement projects for the upcoming fiscal year.