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Purple potty makes way around town

By Staff | Nov 12, 2009

No, it’s not your imagination. That really was a purple potty you saw in your neighbor’s yard.

The Estherville United Methodist Church Youth Fellowship is taking a purple potty around to various parishioners’ yards to help raise money for a February roadtrip to Des Moines. The first flush, or rather stop, was at Rev. Lynn and Sally Potter’s house on Sunday.

A letter accompanying the purple potty says:

Donate $20 cash, check is ok. You can pick the next place it goes and it won’t come back to you. Donate $10 cash, check you can pick the place it goes but it might come back! Donate $5 cash, check. It might come back! Donate designated amount $ ____ more than $20 that is greatly appreciated! You can pick multiple people! Write the addresses down.

Victims, or temporary possessors, of the purple potty, are then instructed to call Lynn Kesler and put the money in a plastic bag in the toilet bowl.

The aim is to raise funds for 12 students to attend the Youth Strike For Christ Christian rally. The trip includes two nights at the Marriott plus concerts and activities. The youth fellowship also has plans for a trip to the soup kitchen in Sioux Falls, S.D.