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Lincoln Park plans presented

By Staff | May 11, 2010

The Estherville Parks and Recreation Department has a tough decision to make, but the group of dedicated volunteers has time to make it.

At its regular meeting, the board heard proposals from three different companies on playground equipment for Lincoln Park.

Estherville Parks and Recreation Director Dave Spurgin said the stipulations for the park equipment were that it be handicapped accessible with the project divided into two phase. However Phase 1 should look complete on its own. The equipment should be usable both youth ages 5-12.

Also required of each presenter was a proposal for supplemental, stand-alone piece of equipment for use by ages 2-5.

Board members questioned each presenter on the type of surface underlaying the equipment-from a soft-tiled surface to a poured soft surface.

How often that surface will last was a key question poised to each presenter.

Following the presentations, the Parks and Recreation Board tabled making a determination on which design until its June meeting. The extra time will give Spurgin and city administrator Penny Clayton the opportunity to compare the similar and different costs of each proposal.

In recreation updates, Spurgin reported more than 300 youth have signed up for baseball and softball leagues. While the number of participants is similar to last year, he expects a few more late signees.