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Remembering Mother’s Days past

By Staff | May 14, 2010

Pat Von Behren read stories about past Mother’s Days at the Estherville Good Samaritan Society Thursday. From left are Ruth Reed, Esther Bartels, Von Behren, Helen Nielsen and Nada Halverson. EDN photo by Michael Tidemann

In commemoration of Mother’s Day last Sunday, as well as National Nursing Home Week this week, Estherville Good Samaritan Society residents Thursday talked about past Mother’s Days and their continued relevance today.

Pat Von Behren read a passage from Luke 2:51 and asked about how many of us have found ourselves giving extravagant apologies for an oversight.

“When making amends, what I do is far more important than what I say,” Von Behren quoted one writer.

She told a story about a dad and his kids who were on an outing. Then, suddenly, the father remembered it was Mother’s Day. He hurried the kids to the store where they bought all the necessary Mother’s Day accouterments just in time for Mother’s Day.

Then mothers, too, have their challenges.

“Nobody’s ever pleased and mothers have the job of making everything great for everybody,” Von Behren said.

Fathers, too, have their roles. “It takes two parents and a good foundation” to raise a family, said Von Behren. That led to a discussion of the day’s devotion, “He is the builder of the house.”

All this week, Estherville Good Sam residents and staff have observed National Nursing Home Week.

The celebration continues Friday with a craft and hobby display at 10 a.m. and homemade ice cream making with first-graders at 1:30 p.m.

A current events discussion is on tap for 10 a.m. Saturday.